17 Best Alternatives to Snovio That Will Make Your Life as a Sales Rep a Breeze

updated on 16 February 2024
Snov.io alternatives review
Snov.io alternatives review

17 of the Best Alternatives to Snovio for All Your Lead Generation, Cold Emailing and Sales CRM Needs

Evaluating Snovio vs its alternatives can be hard. This article covers the top Snovio alternatives and will help you decide what's best for your sales workflow.

You can find a comparison chart at the bottom to understand the bigger picture.

Data points such as pricing, reliability, integrations, feature sets, other tools included in the subscription, level of support you'd get for this subscription are considered.

Hatrio Sales is an all in one cold email automation platform
Hatrio Sales is an all in one cold email automation platform

All in One Cold Email CRM

I mean Hatrio Sales. Note that this review is meant to be kept as unbiased and objective as possible. So I'm not recommending Hatrio Sales just because I'm the founder of the platform. I'm recommending it because I genuinely believe this will help your sales team.

Hatrio Sales is a complete lead generation, enrichment, and sales automation platform. Think of it like this find anyone's email + enrich data + run sales drip campaigns and track results with in-built CRM. All under one roof. Unlimited leads and features for a flat monthly fee.

Key Features

  • Highly targeted search to help you find anyone's email. Find emails based on their job title, company URL (in bulk), country, industry, company size, locality (yes, local B2C businesses are covered as well), using their first/last names, and more.
  • Prospect on LinkedIn, the largest professional network, easily with the LinkedIn email extractor. This includes an automated connection requestor and a bulk message sender.
  • Safe to use and respects the platform limits. LinkedIn prospector follows LinkedIn's guidelines by default. Cold emailing module adds a 1-click unsubscribe button so your contacts can unsubscribe anytime.
  • Create and run a fully-featured sales drip campaign that supports advanced personalization. Schedule follow-ups, view opportunities, and take advantage of the email warmer (included in all plans).
  • Track, measure, and analyze results with the built-in CRM. Score leads based on rules, edit your lists and contacts, and manage your sales pipeline. Or integrate it into your own workflow.
  • Integrations that'll seamlessly work with your current setup. Access the APIs, Webhooks, and Zapier connections to suit your workflow.
  • Chrome Extension saves extracted emails directly into a campaign.
  • No vendor lock-in. Export the leads as .csv .xls and .xlsx files.  


+ Features an all-in-one platform, hence effective use of sales data

+ Get better results by managing your sales workflow under one roof

+ Time and money saved from context and browser tab switching

+ Affordable pricing, good integrations, and friendly customer support


- It can be overwhelming at first because there's so much to learn and understand the mechanisms of each module from enriching to CRM and others

- More templates can be added (library of high-converting templates)

- Support response times could be improved (Support is based on European time)


Hatrio Sales has a flat rate for unlimited leads, team members, and unlimited everything. The growth plan is flat at $99 per month. It has a free 14-day free trial. A credit card is not required. So, take it for a test drive.

Preview of all the lead generation tools in Hatrio Sales
Preview of all the lead generation tools in Hatrio Sales

Get started and find leads for your business with Hatrio Sales today — Start with the free trial, no credit card is required →


Hunter is a popular email finder tool. While its core offer is an email finder, it offers 4 sub-functions that can help you. You have quite a few options like finding emails based on role-based filters (like "contact@" "sales@"), guessing based on patterns (like {FirstName@companydomain}), and sources are also shown to you for reference.

Key Features

  • Domain Search allows you to find/guess email addresses based on the domain name. For example, search for amazon.com and it'll return all the emails it can find for Amazon.com.
  • Chrome extension lets you find emails on the page you're visiting. Unlike Domain Search, the extension crawls the page and looks for contact information on the page.
  • Author Finder lets you find the contact information of different posts and blog articles.
  • Lastly, an email verifier to verify the emails you find. Verification status and scores are shown to you when you run a search.
  • CSV exports are allowed. You can export the emails it finds so that you run and manage your campaigns elsewhere.  


+ Ability to find group emails (generic) and individual emails (personal)

+ Overall app is fairly simple and easy to use with good UI and UX

+ Priority support is included for all paid plans


- Search can be limited sometimes. There are several unwanted contacts and discarding them should be easier

- Some emails are simply guesses and guesses are not that reliable

- Can get expensive as it charges credits for each search and verification


The free plan is limited to 25 searches and 50 verifications per month.

Paid plans start at $50 per month with 500 searches and 1000 verifications. The highest tier costs $400. Note that credits for searches and verifications are separate and can't be interchanged.

Overloop (Formerly Prospect.io)

Prospect.io is based on publicly available information (unlike Hunter which shows guesses as well). The thing is it works more like a CRM and deal, pipeline, and task management system and less like a prospecting system. The base plan has limited features and comes with many paid add-ons to access the key features of its lead generation and sales automation app.

Key Features

  • The base app supports deals, pipelines, tasks, notes, and attachments. The reporting function is included as part of the base app.
  • CRM integrations, import/exports, and API allow you to integrate the platform into your own sales workflow.
  • Email finder and email verification are supported. You can leverage the Chrome Extension. Once your prospecting is done, you can export the verified contacts as a CSV file. (these are paid add-ons and an extra fee is applied)
  • You can connect your Google Workspace and automate sending these campaigns. Connecting your external inbox allows you to track opens, replies, and bounces. (paid add-on) 
  • If you need priority support or you have requirements to onboard users, you can purchase another paid add-on to receive professional services from the Prospect team.


+ Has a wide range of tools that can add value to your workflow (contacts, deals and pipelines, workflows, reporting...)

+ Reporting and dashboards are easy to use. Campaigns, follow-ups, and workflow features can help you automate.

+ Has native 2-way sync and integrations (roughly 54 integrations)


- Everything is available as a paid add-on. The base price is already $19/user/month and the add-ons are charged for every single credit. So it gets pricey after a while.

- Most products provide priority support included in the support, here it's another paid add-on. Priority support could be included for large teams (as they pay more due to per-user billing), or customers in higher tiers.


The base plan is $20/user/month.

Email finder add-on starts from $40/month. Outbound campaigns are add-ons and start from $70/month. Professional services such as support calls, priority support, and user onboarding cost $100/month.

Note that these are starting prices and they cost higher depending on the volume.

Aeroleads - exclusively an email finder

Aeroleads can help you find emails from companies and people. Unlike the other tools we have seen so far, Aeroleads is exclusively an email finder, meaning its primary features are built around finding emails. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your workflow. Good if your main motive is to find emails as you'll find several tools on Aeroleads that'll help you. Bad if you want more features like campaigns, follow-ups, automation, and more.

Key Features

  • Helps you find company emails, URLs, contact numbers, addresses, and more
  • Prospect on LinkedIn, find emails and verify them
  • Data is displayed as a consolidated prospect profile with all the available information of a prospect (15 data points according to them)
  • On mid and higher-tier pricing plans you can transfer leads to Salesforce, Mailchimp, HubSpot, etc


+ Features are focused on finding emails and hence more tools are available for that

+ Find not just their emails but also their phone numbers and addresses

+ Chrome extension can work on many websites

+ Bulk add supports up to 2,500 contacts


- Many useful features like campaigns, follow-ups, local search, and more are not available since Aeroleads mainly focuses on finding emails

- It's based on credits and gets pricey in the long term

- Relies heavily on LinkedIn search


Pricing is based on credits.

The starter plan is $50 a month with 1,000 credits. As you scale, the Cruise plan costs $500 a month (this plan includes email, chat, and phone support). 


RocketReach focuses on helping you reach decision-makers. It's geared to be used by your marketing, sales, and recruiting teams.

Key Features

  • Narrow your search using different criteria. For example, you can search by profession, location, and educational qualifications
  • Chrome extension supports finding leads from LinkedIn, AngelList, and Crunchbase.
  • Use API to automate some of the tasks
  • They claim to provide an 85% accuracy rate


+ Search criteria such as profession and educational qualifications facilitate use as a recruiting tool

+ Bulk lookups are supported

+ Integrations are available for CRM and ATS software


- Chrome extension is limited to a few sites

- Search quota is very limited with the starter plan giving only 125 lookups for $70


Pricing plans start from $70 a month and allow 125 lookups. Higher-tier plans cost more than $300 a month. Phone number add-ons are available for an extra fee. If you're a team, then you have to get on one of their team plans.


GetProspect focuses on being a LinkedIn prospecting tool with CRM features. Once your prospecting is done, GetProspct allows you to organize your contacts with dynamic lists and filters.

Key Features

  • Find emails from LinkedIn and other websites using the Chrome extension, and find emails by domain and name
  • Enrich data and see the verification status of the emails (valid, accept all, invalid, etc)
  • You can transform the company and lead data into full prospect profiles using the lead enrichment, and company enrichment tools
  • CRM supports nested folders, workspaces, custom fields, and dynamic lists to improve your lead management process


+ Huge focus on LinkedIn, CRM, contact management and organizational aspects

+ Import and export is supported in CSV and XLS formats

+ Integrations and two-way sync support


- Import and export can be a tedious task

- Doesn't cover many corporate emails

- The starter plan offers only 500 valid emails and email verifications cost an extra


The $50 starter plan can find up to 500 valid emails. The highest plan costs $400 a month. Email verifications cost extra and start at $25.

Anymail Finder

Anymail Finder focuses on finding personal and corporate emails. Unlike some tools like Hunter that guesses the email, Anymail finder shows only real public emails and doesn't "guess" emails.

Key Features

  • Focuses on finding real emails of people and emails found on company websites
  • Pattern match support is based on existing data of found emails, meaning if the emails you have fit a pattern, it'll look for similar patterns
  • Add your sales team and work with them


+ Use the APIs for easy lookup with name and domain

+ Wide billing and payment options (one-time, rollover, yearly credits, and more)


- No Chrome extension

- No prospect profiling and company profile searches

- Credit-based bills (expensive in the long term)


Anymail finder starts at $50 a month for 1,000 emails (about $0.049 / email). The highest plan costs $150 per month. Note that this only includes email findings. You'll still need another software for contact management, campaigns, follow-ups, and tracking results in CRM.


Skrapp, as the name suggests, focuses on scraping B2B emails from different websites.

Key Features

  • Has two dedicated Chrome extensions for email finding and enrichment
  • Find emails in bulk and enrich company/contact information such as company size, headquarters, industry, etc
  • Lookup emails based on domain names


+ Focuses heavily on scrapping email/contact data from websites

+ Has an open API for automation and advanced functions

+ Has dedicated prospect profiles to better understand the prospect


- No features for verification, automated follow-ups, tracking

- Based on credits and can get expensive


Starts at $50 per month for 1,000 emails. And has the most expensive plan on this list with $1700 per month plans.


Nymeria supports finding emails from LinkedIn and other websites using their Chrome extension.

Key Features

  • Verify the emails before sending an email
  • Export data to spreadsheets
  • Use APIs to enrich contacts automatically


+ Find emails from different emails and quickly add them to your lists

+ Build a list of leads and manage them


- Nymeria is not transparent. Most of the features and functional details are disclosed by the team making it hard to understand what we get for our money.

- Pricing is also too steep when compared to others


Starts at $39 a month for just 100 contacts.


VoilaNorbert focuses on finding emails, verifying them, and enriching them. It has integration with a dozen that can help streamline your workflow.

Key Features

  • Find unit emails or bulk emails as per your need 
  • Track the stage in your pipeline (only basic - like lead, contacted, won/lost) 
  • Find emails from the websites you visit with the Chrome extension


+ It can help you find similar contacts (based on the company data)

+ Integrations with Zapier, SendGrid, Formstack etc

+ API to automate email verification and enrichment


- Low coverage for many regions

- Company search is limited

- Prospecting, verification, and enrichments all cost extra


Prospecting starts at $50 for 1,000 leads. Highest plan costs $500. Verification and enrichment cost extra and you're charged accordingly.


Apollo allows you to prospect, and run campaigns and has some contact management aspects. Find emails and numbers on LinkedIn with the Chrome extension.

Key Features

  • Find individual/personal emails or company emails based on domain names and different filters available in the software
  • It has a good Chrome extension to find leads on LinkedIn and on other sites that you visit. Save leads from here to your list
  • Data export is supported for premium accounts
  • It has prospect profiles and CRM-like features


+  Chrome extension can be quite handy because it has some extra information for the companies you're searching for

+ Find/search emails in bulk

+ Send and manage your campaigns on the platform


- Sequences are not intuitive, it needs to be easy to enable/disable/manage them

- 3rd integrations and connectors are not working properly and had to be reconnected

- Support can be quite slow sometimes


Starts from $9 per user per month with the Basic plan for $250 credits. Note that you're charged for user seats and there are credits. It can become expensive if you have a bit large team. Additional credits can be purchased for an extra fee.


Uplead's prospecting app allows you to find unit leads, company emails in bulk, verification, and a technology data point on supported leads.

Key Features

  • It claims to remove dodgy data and bad-fit buyers. If this claim is true then that can be a good thing to know.
  • Shows technographic data for supported leads
  • API allows you to programmatically verify leads and enrich data


+ Depending on your nature of work technographic data of leads can be useful

+ Chrome extension allows you to find related contacts (based on companies)

+ Has integrations with CRMs like HubSpot, Salesforce, and Zoho


- LinkedIn scraping is not accurate and is not reliable

- Pricing can be steep for indie founders and small businesses

- Checking the status of emails manually is time-consuming


Starts at $100 for just 170 credits. The highest plan costs $400 a month. Additional credits can be purchased for an extra fee. How verification credits (!?) work is not clear.


You have probably seen their ads when searching for prospecting tools. Lusha mainly helps you with B2B prospecting. Build lists with filters and criteria.

Key Features

  • Allows you to build lists based on different filters like location, employee count, job title, company revenue, and some more
  • Use the Chrome extension to find leads while browsing the web and save them to your lists or connect them to your CRM
  • Connect to CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho


+ Go into a detailed view of prospects after enriching the data

+ Export into CSV files is supported

+ Use Lusha to find contact numbers on LinkedIn


- Job titles are sometimes shown differently

- The support team needs to be fast in providing fixes

- High prices but low credits


Starts at $100 a month for only 100 credits and only supports 2 users. Additional credits have to be brought for an extra fee. 

Find that lead

FindThatLead is a B2B lead generation tool with functions to search emails, verify emails, and look for regional emails.

Key Features

  • Search for leads with their first name, last names, company name, and domain, and find generic company group emails or individual emails
  • Mainly helps sales, marketing, and recruiting teams
  • Simple to use because it only focuses on the prospecting aspect


+ Find social media profiles with the company URL

+ Verify email and find the status of the email

+ Enrich data and find more information about the prospect so that you can personalize your outreach


- Only a few integrations are supported

- No API access

- LinkedIn prospecting is limited

- Based on credits and can become pricey


Starts at $50 a month and you can add 1 user, 2 campaigns, and send 400 emails. The highest plan costs $400 every month. Overage costs are not mentioned clearly.

If all these solutions don't match what you're looking for, give Hatrio Sales a try and prepare to be surprised.  Get started and find leads for your business with Hatrio Sales today. Use my personal invite code — http://app.sales.hatrio.com/register?invite-code-3882 →

The products below 👇 are not lead generation or prospecting solutions, they are visitor tracking solutions that reveal information about the companies that visit your website.
Once you analyze the visitor, you can extract lead data from the analysis report!  

Just a friendly note from Dinakar Sakthivel


Leadfeeder is different from the products we have seen till now because Leedfeeder is not a prospecting platform like Hatrio Sales. It's a visitor tracking platform. It helps you find more about the companies that are visiting your website.

Key Features

  • Find the small businesses and find companies that are visiting your website
  • Understand their behavior across your site to help them better. Use the filters and find quality leads
  • Connect with employees in the revealed company
  • Leverage integrations with HubSpot, Salesforce, Zapier, and more


Starts at $91 a month for only 100 leads and costs more than $868 on higher tiers.


Like Leadfeeder, Happierleads is a visitor tracking platform. Happierleads however is more accurate and provides more than 96% accurate results.

Key Features

  • Reveal the businesses that visit your website
  • Segment the traffic based on various filters like country, employee count, industry, revenue, and more
  • Leverage real-time lookups and reach out only to the email contacts with verified status marks to ensure your deliverability is high


Like Leadfeeder, HappierLeads also starts at $70 a month for 100 leads. And the highest plan costs more than $300 a month.

Happierleads Lifetime Plan

As of February 16, 2024, Happierleads is running a lifetime plan in partnership with AppSumo. For only $69 you get:

  • Lifetime access to the Pro Plan (and that means you'll own this account forever)
  • Unlimited users
  • 1,000 credits for your workflow actions
  • And up to 5 mailboxes for campaigns

Access this lifetime deal here →

The products below 👇 are enterprise solutions and their products, pricing and other aspects reflect the enterprise's needs.


Outreach is a sales engagement platform designed for enterprise sales teams. It focuses on automation, data intelligence, pipeline, meeting, and revenue goal management aspects in a large company.

Key Features

  • As an enterprise platform, it has more focus on data governance, compliance, security, and configuration standards
  • Both inbound and outbound sales pipelines are supported
  • Manage outbound sequences/campaigns, and schedule meetings. follow-ups
  • To some level, recruiting workflows are supported


+ Helps to organize data based on response and engagement rate

+ Integrations with other enterprise solutions

+ Opportunity analysis can be helpful


- It can be overwhelming at first due to the fact that there are many tools and different workflows that can be followed depending on your work nature

- Hard to set up the tool (especially if your team is large, it can be a hassle)

- Pricing is not suitable for independent and small business


Pricing is not available. You should reach out to their sales to find out the pricing.


Like Outreach, Clearbit is an enterprise solution as well. Clearbit however is an enterprise B2B data platform. It focuses on ad management, visitor tracking, prospecting, and data enrichment.

Key Features

  • It helps you build different pipelines for different enterprise sales needs
  • Run efficient conversion tracking campaigns and social ad campaigns
  • Personalize campaigns with complex filters
  • Clearbit reveal, enrichment, and prospector are three different products but they're known to integrate well with each other


+ Integrations are supported for Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, Pardot, Segment and other enterprise solutions

+ Clearbit Connect (separate product) can be used for finding leads and emails from different websites such as LinkedIn

+ Prospect and build complex lists with AND OR operator searches


- Support and sales team can be slow and sometimes they take 1 week or 2 weeks to get back to you

- Pricing favors large enterprise teams


Pricing is not transparent. Pricing can be found by reaching out to their sales team.

Disclosure: This article may contain affiliate links. If you purchase through these links, I may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support!

Unlimited cold email tools on Hatrio Sales
Unlimited cold email tools on Hatrio Sales

We strongly believe that small and mid-size companies can benefit from our product. That's the first thought that makes us get out of the bed every morning.

We got you covered for lead generation, cold emailing, and CRM needs under one unlimited suite. Get started with Hatrio Sales today — Start with the free trial, no credit card is required →

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