It started 3 years ago

June 5th of 2020 to be exact but it feels like we have come a long way from where we started.

We did two crazy rebrands during just 1 year but our values have never changed. So are our promises, those are one of the few things that'll never change.

  • 1000+ customers

    We have onboarded 1247 businesses as of May

  • 17 team members

    A global team of devs building a solid product

  • 150+ product features

    We turned feature requests into real features

Professional photograph Dinakar Sakthivel

Why we built Hatrio Sales

In a world where we can build anything, we decided to build Hatrio Sales because we love helping business owners and founders find leads, and salespeople get their job done, easily.


With Hatrio Sales, we didn't just solve a problem i.e. costly per-user fees and multiple subscriptions from multiple vendors. We made sure you'll never find a problem again by including more valuable products in your subscription package for the same fee.


With careful consideration of the customer feedback we receive, we have built a product that your team can reliably use and trust even in 2031. That's the level of craft you can expect when you signup. 


I would always suggest starting your free trial today and test things out yourself. We're here to help if you need us. Saw that support chat widget at the bottom of the site? 

Dinakar Sakthivel, Founder of Hatrio

Our values

  • Build for people

    Our people mean everything to us. We believe companies are a triangle of relationship — customers, staff and founding/investing members.

  • Build for love

    We build tech for the love of it. We take on challenges because that's what we love most — more than anything in the world.

  • Build for business

    You know, building for love doesn't keep lights on. So we applied business to our love. We keep it simple and affordable for you though.

More than just a subscription

We focused on building a community.

When you become a customer you become an investor of a product with an active roadmap 👇

You know what... can join us maybe!

We're a team of twenty (like, spread across different products) passionately working on what we love on our own terms.

Own terms? Let me give you a little example. Our founder, who also designed this page, asked us to share about everyone who worked on this product on this page. We chose not to because it didn't go well with the branding (look at his picture.. blue.. so-not-branded lol), he of course wanted our pictures here but respected our decision at the same time.

20 hours of deep work every week is pretty much the only term you need to abide by. If you'd like to take the next step and join us, you can do so by checking our open positions below.

Enough of our past year-long history!

Make broken sales workflows a thing of the past by starting your free trial today →