Over 150+ features

Every feature that you'll ever need to super power your sales team

Find B2B businesses globally

Global database of highly specific set of company and contact information

  • Country specific criteria

  • Industry and niches

  • Select by company size

  • B2b global

Find local B2B and B2C businesses

Literally sort local businesses by region, city, their online ratings and activity

  • Local b2b and b2c
  • Country, region and city finder

  • Type of business nature

  • Automate contacting them in 1-click

Automate social media reach outs

Workflow automation on LinkedIn, LinkedIn Premium and Sales Navigator made easy with our browser extension

  • Auto-connect and auto-message

  • Fully personalized

  • Healthy and safe limits

  • Social media auromation

Extract lead data from any website in bulk

Find generic emails, phone numbers, social media URLs from a list of domains that you input

  • Extract leads from websites
  • Collect lead data in 1-click

  • Up to 10,000 websites in one run

  • Transfer leads to existing campaigns

Fully featured drips and contacts

Campaign and CRM engine built specifically for sales and outreach automation

  • Track opens, clicks, replies or revenue or anything

  • Inbuilt CRM and lead scores

  • Control 100% with schedules, rules, webhooks etc

  • Drip campaigns management

Onboard your entire sales team

With unlimited team members in the Growth plan, you're never running out of seats

  • Onboard team
  • Unlimited active users / team members

  • Admins can manage user rights

  • Add, block or delete anytime

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